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MDB Converter Firmware Overview

This page contains the release notes for the MDB Converter Firmware (Multi Drop Bus). The version of the firmware in use depends on your Product Edition and on the date of purchase. You can check the version of your converter through a CP command. Please refer to the CP specification.

We recommend thorough testing when upgrading the firmware. Please check the firmware of the delivery if you have ordered a new batch of converters.

Release Notes


MDB Slave mode:

    • Fixed unsolicited MDB ACK when interbyte timeout occurs after first MDB byte
    • Fixed empty MDB message might be sent from Converter to PC


MDB Slave mode:

    • Improved support for non-cashless device emulation


    • Invented new commands: GET_OPTIONS and SET_OPTIONS
    • Default MDB Master interbyte timeout back to 10ms instead of 5ms. This behaviour can be modified by an OPTIONS flag


    • Implemented MDB trace mode. Support depends on given MDB converter hardware revision

MDB Slave mode:

    • Detect end of frame by using an interbyte timeout of 1.5ms instead of hardcoded command list


MDB Master mode:

    • Send a CP NAK to PC when slave doesn’t responds
    • Set max. response timeout to 20ms according MDB specification’s “best practices”
    • Changed max interbyte timeout from 10ms to 5ms according MDB specification’s “best practices”


First public release

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